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Dandelion Permaculture teaches courses, accredited training and workshops around Perth. We focus urban and suburban permaculture, as well as issues around food production and food security, which make you rediscover lost skills and give you the power to feed yourself and your family. We don’t stop at promoting sustainability, but instead focus on regenerative design to not only sustain but improve the world we live in.

All longer courses are offered through the Permaculture Educators’ Alliance, so check out their website as well.

Dandelions are misunderstood by many. Treated as a pesky weed, they are actually a valuable herb with many functions – as human food, animal fodder, natural medicine for us and for the soil they grow in. Like most weeds, dandelions are hardy pioneer plants, protecting and repairing disturbed soil.

We aim to make you more like the humble dandelion – resilient, able to survive coming uncertainties, and medicine for the environment you are living in.

Dandelion flower drawing by Elizabeth Blackwell
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